Property Management

In addition to being responsible for overall development of campus, Centennial Campus Development manages eight buildings on Centennial Campus: Poulton Innovation Center, Partners I, Partners II, Partners III, Research I, Research II, Research III, and Research IV.

For Tenants

Please find complete information for tenants in the Tenant Handbook. Every attempt has been made to provide current and accurate information in this handbook, but it is possible that some items will change over time. Please feel free to contact the Development Office with any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you at 919-513-7961.

For emergency building maintenance issues, please call 919-515-2991.

For Prospective Tenants

If you are interested in learning about ground leasing opportunities or space lease requirements on Centennial Campus, contact Director of  Centennial Campus Real Estate at 919-513-3711.

Events on Centennial Campus

To find large outdoor events scheduled on Centennial Campus, please go to the University calendar, choose your date range and type “Centennial Campus” in Keyword(s).

If you would like more information about hosting an outdoor event on Centennial Campus, please email us at or contact the Centennial Campus Property Manager at 919-513-7961.