Off Campus Space Request Procedures

(REG 07.50.01 – Acquisitions and Dispositions)


  1. The requesting party (Lessee/Tenant) should contact University and Affiliated Entities Real Estate at 919-515-3235 to inform them of their need for off campus space.
  2. Lessee will need to obtain and submit the appropriate real estate off campus leasing forms to the Real Estate Office prior to the execution of a lease.
  3. Space Request Form – Requires the following signatures. A) Requesting Party, B) Department Head, and C) Dean’s Office.
  4. Lease Specification Form (PO-27), if required to be advertised.
  5. Lead Based – Paint Disclosure Form – Needs to be signed by Lessor and Lessee.
  6. The above referenced forms have to be submitted by the lessee to the Real Estate Office prior to the execution of the lease.
  7. The lease request will have to be advertised if the proposed location will have an annual rent of $25,000.00 or more.
  8. The request to lease space off campus will require University Space Committee approval.

Required Conveyance Documents:

Lease – Prepared by University and Affiliated Entities Real Estate
Exhibit A – Floor Plan
Exhibit B – Tenant’s Names

Additional information about real estate acquisitions and disposition may be found on the University’s Website under Policies, Rules, and Regulations. This information can also be found by accessing REG 07.50.01 – Acquisitions and Dispositions which list sections 3.1 Acquisition by Lease, 3.1.1 Leases with an annual Rent of $25,000.00, and 3.1.2 Leases with an annual rent exceeding $25,000.00 or a term exceeding 3 years, including renewal terms.