University and Affiliated Entities Real Estate handles the leases of space off campus when there is no space available on campus or when there are special needs outside the Raleigh area. (i.e.: field offices, housing for research/graduate assistants, research land, etc.)   Our office can assist you with the NCSU Space Request Form, information and assistance to acquire off-campus space.

A completed Lease Request Form is required to initiate a space search.  For questions regarding completion of the request form, contact us at 919-515-3235.  If the new lease is in Wake County, the department must obtain University Space Committee approval.  Depending on your space needs, desired location, and the approvals required, the entire process could take from 6 weeks to several months.

University and Affiliated Entities Real Estate receives and processes all requests for purchase or sale of real property (land or buildings) and the disposal/demolition of surplus real property for the University, the Endowment Fund, and affiliated foundations.  In addition, we also provide services to handle encroachment agreements, easements and right of entry needs.  Encroachments are defined as times when the University temporarily enters or uses the land of others to accomplish a specific mission.  Easements are defined as permission by a non-University landowner/public utility to use University property or the University to use non-University property.  Right of Entry is defined as permission for private or non-University entities to enter University land in the course of their work or in advance of a formal easement/encroachment.

Additional information is available for Policies, Regulations and Rules (under Appendix I) for the Buildings and Property Committee and Acquisitions and Dispositions operating procedures or contact us at 919-515-3235.